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Useful information

Shops :

Marin-Centre à Marin (Parking available and accessible by bus - line 101, then 107)

Maladière Centre at the entrance of the City (Parking available and accessible by bus - line 101)

Centre Ville de Neuchâtel (Parking and bus - line 101)


Les coffee and restaurants :

Two restaurants are located near the apartment (5 minutes walk):

Le Silex at the Port  ofHauterive

Le China-Town on the Rue des Rouges-Terres

In St-Blaise, there is the "Boccalino", a star restaurant


The wine :

Three families work the wine in Hauterive :

Cave Gerber

Cave Rossel

Cave Sandoz


Point of interest :

The Laténium, Archaeological Museum, at the Port of Hauterive

Neuchâtel Tourist Office



Public transpport :

The TransN network serves the entire canton.

We are located along line 101 between the "Hauterive-Port" and "Rouges-Terres" stops. These two stops allow you to take the trolleybus either towards Marin or towards the city centre of Neuchâtel.